Alumni Association

JALMA is creating an Alumni Association to develop an integration of the persons who have remained associated with JALMA by any academic mean. This integration will be a facility to share current information about the position and academic involvement of the alumni with their present contact addresses. This will help one to develop research integrations with the other working in the related area(s) or will be of interest to know the opportunities in different area(s). The future activities of the JALMA Alumni Association will be announced time to time on this website. Students ever associated with JALMA and if interested, may download the form (which is in Microsoft-Word format), fill it in MS-Word and send it back to the e-mail [email protected] The information will be recorded in JALMA Alumni Association and the student will be enlisted in the association



Dr. Om Prakash

Awarded Fellow of Society for Immunology and Immunopathology, 2007::Read More

Dr Raj Kamal

Best poster presentation prize of IAL (2005) for the paper entitled " Evaluation of the effect of addition of immunotherapy with Mw vaccine to standard chemotherapy in borderline leprosy ".::Read More

Pushpendra Singh

Best poster presentation prize of IAL (2005) for the paper entitled "Comparative evaluation.::Read More

Pragya Sharma

Best poster presentation prize of ISMOCD (2006)::Read More

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