Clinical Division

The Clinical Medicine Department serves as a renowned tertiary care center for Leprosy. The population of the Northern part of the country including the States of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Jharkhand, Bihar, Hariyana , Punjab etc access the specialized clinico-medical services in the Clinical Medicine Department of NJIL&OMD. The Clinical Department comprises of an Out Door Patient Department (OPD); Indoor Patient Department; Reconstructive Surgery and Physiotherapy Unit; and supported by Radiology (X-Ray facility), Slit Skin Smears facility and reporting & Clinical laboratories.

Thousands patients of Leprosy , Dermatological Disorders, Tuberculosis, HIV, Autoimmune Diseases, Orthopedic Disorders and various neuropathies attend the OPD annually. An approximate 1000 Patients affected with Leprosy are provided indoor care services for the management of complications of diseases like Lepra reactions, neuritis, ulcers and other medical emergency conditions. The surgical reconstructive and rehabilitation services are provided for complications like claw hand, foot drop and many other deformities which arise due to the disease.

The department is also engaged in high end research on clinical aspects of Leprosy and Tuberculosis. The focus is on improving the therapeutic aspects of the diseases by using various modalities of drug combinations and immunotherapy.


Dr. Raj Kamal, Scientist-E (Head of Department)

Dr. Mamta Arora, Scientist-D

Dr. Harish Sagar, Scientist-B

Dr. Harpreet Singh Pawar, Scientist-B

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