Clinical division has the following three units:

Medical Unit I

This Unit has been engaged on studies improving the therapy of leprosy using different drug combinations and immunotherapy and has now taken up studies on epidemiology of leprosy (ICMR Taskforce) in Ghatampur area of Kanpur. In addition, the unit is investigating the effect of Mw. on leprosy and tuberculosis and also the profile of leprosy in females.

Medical Unit II

This Unit has been engaged in various studies pertaining to clinical and therapeutic aspects of leprosy. The unit is currently carrying out studies in leprosy patients treated for different durations, evaluating the effect of drug regimens in the hospital and patients in the field , evaluating the efficacy of different doses of steroids in reactions and epidemiological studies of leprosy in Agra district.

Reconstructive surgery and physiotherapy

This unit has been involved in developing and applying procedures for prevention of deformities and correction of deformities in leprosy. These include correction of nasal deformities, correction of claw hand, foot drop, neurovascular decompression, heel ulcers, neurophysiological studies, restoration of web space.


  • Dr. Raj Kamal (Scientist E) (HoD)
  • Dr. Mamta Arora (Scientist D) (HoD)
  • Dr. Harish Kumar Sagar (Scientist B)
  • Dr. Harpreet Singh Panwar (Scientist B)

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