Name : Beenu Joshi
Date of Birth : 1
August 1956
Nationality : Indian
Address for Correspondence: National JALMA Institute for Leprosy and other
Mycobacterial diseases, (ICMR) Taj Ganj, Agra 282001
Telephone / Fax/ email: 0562-2331751-54, 0562-2331756, [email protected]
Educational Qualifications
Ph.D (Zoology) Utkal University 1988
M.Sc.(Zoology) Kumaon University 1978 I
B.Sc ( Bot, Zool,Chem) Kumaon University 1975 IInd Div
Ph.D Thesis Title: Immune response in humans with Wuchereria bancrofti infection;
dissection of humoral and cellular responses against parasite antigens.
Research Experience
July 1980-Dec 1984 : JRF, SRF in ICMR project entitled “Studies on T and B
lymphocytes in the etiopathogenesis of Bronchial asthma”
at Medicine Deptt, AIIMS, New Delhi
Jan 1985- Aug 1987 : SRF at Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar,
Aug 1988 - April 1989 : Research Officer in ICMR project entitled
“Establishment of NonA-NonB Hepatitis virus specific B
cell/ Hybrid b cell clones” in the Deptt of Pathology,
AIIMS, New Delhi.
April 1989- April 1995 : Research Officer RMRC Jabalpur and Central JALMA
Institute for leprosy, Agra.
April 1995- April 2001 : Senior Research Officer at Central JALMA institute for
Leprosy, Agra.
April 2001–April 2007 :Assistant Director at National JALMA institute for leprosy
April 2007- September 2012 : Scientist E at National JALMA institute for leprosy &
OMD, Agra.
Sept 2012- Till date : Scientist F at National JALMA institute for leprosy &
OMD, Agra.
Area of Research
Immunology of Infectious Diseases (Leprosy and tuberculosis)
M. leprae mediated T cell signaling in leprosy and TB. Role of T regulatory cells in
leprosy. Th1/2 cell regulation in leprosy and role of Notch in T cell regulation.
New antigens for the diagnosis and protection in TB, T cell activation in TB.
Foreign visit
1. Visited laboratory of Dr. N.A.Khan at France as visiting associate professor
from 2004-04-01 to 2004-05-31.
2. Visited Laboratory of Prof. N.A. KHAN at France from 25-10- 2001 to 24-11-
2001 and learnt Calcium signalling.
3. Visited Laboratory of Dr. Ottenhoff, University Hospital Building, Leiden 1
June 1996-29
June 1996 for training on T cell lines and T cell cloning.
4. Invited for International Congress of antibodies-2010 in Bejing, China and
presented paper “ March 25
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