CV for Website
Name: Om Parkash
Date of Birth: 15-04-1955
Date of joining ICMR: 17-9-1981
Present Post: Scientist-F
Date of joining the present post: 01-9-2013
Discipline: Immunology
Office Address: National JALMA Institute for Leprosy & Other Mycobacterial Diseases,
TajGanj, Agra-282004, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91-562-2331751-54 Ext.204; +91-562-2231248 Mob: 09927847580; Fax: (Off):
Educational Qualification from First Degree Onwards: B.Sc (Hons) Med. Lab.
Technology degree from AIIMS, Delhi, in 1977; M.Sc (Microbiology) degree from HAU,
Hissar, in 1980 and PhD degree with research topic on “An in vitro study on interaction of
mycobacteria with human complement system” , Agra University, Agra in 1989.
Research Experience: Since 1981, total research experience is more than 34 years in the
field of Immunology of Leprosy and Tuberculosis while working at JALMA institute (named
differently at different time points: Central JALMA Institute for Leprosy Agra, Central
JALMA Institute for Leprosy and Other Mycobacterial Diseases, Agra, National JALMA
Institute for Leprosy and Other Mycobacterial Diseases, Agra).
Membership of Professional Societies/Committees: (a). Life member of Indian
Immunology Society (IIS) (b). Life member of Society for Immunology and
Immunopathology (SIIP) (c). Ordinary member of International Society for Infectious
Diseases (ISID), USA (d). Honorary member (for one year 2010) of “International Union
against tuberculosis and lung Diseases, France.
Conferences: Participated in 75 National and International
Conferences/Symposia/Seminars/Workshops and other scientific events. From 2012 till
April, 2016 participated in following scientific events:
1. Delivered a lead talk on “Proteomics for dissection of Mycobacterium leprae antigens” in
the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
Research, held on Dec. 18-2-2012, at Mangalayatan University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India
2. Attended and Delivered oral presentation on “Immunoproteomic analysis of cell membrane
of Mycobacterium lepraein the 5
Congress of the Federation of Immunological Societies
of Asia Oceania (FIMSA) held at New Delhi, from 14-17 March, 2012.
3. Attended and Delivered an invited talk on “Flow cytometry based analysis of cytokines
profile” in the National Conference on Phytomedicine an alternative of modern medicine and
their molecular expression held at GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India on Dec.
16-2-2013 to 17-2-13.
4. Delivered a lead presentation/talk on “Interferon gamma as a biomarker for diagnosis of
tuberculosis: current status” in International symposium on latest trends in
immunomodulation held on Dec. 22-12-2013 to 24-12-2013 at Rajasthan University of
Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner, Rajasthan , India.
5. On 02-12-2013, acted as an invited Guest on the occasion of “Biotech Day” celebrated at
GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India and delivered a lecture on “Interferon
gamma as a biomarker for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection: pros and cons”
6. Delivered an invited guest lecture on “Analysis of intracellular and surface biomolecules
by flow cytomtery” on the inaugural day (25-2-2014) of two Days 25-02-2014 and 26-02-
2014) workshop on “Biotechnology & Microbiology Techniques" at Department of
Biotechnology, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India.
7. Delivered an invited lecture on T regulatory cells: an overview with special emphasis on
tuberculosis” during International Conference on Life Sciences, Informatics, Food and
Environment IC LIFE 2014 held at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, NOIDA,
Uttar Pradesh, India from 29
to 30
August, 2014
8. On 31
October, 2014, delivered an invited lecture on “T regulatory cells and efficacy of
BCG as an anti TB vaccine” in a Session of Indian Association of Veterinary
Microbiologists, Immunologists and Specialists in Infectious Diseases held on 31
October at
GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. Also, acted as a co-chaired a session during
the conference.
9. On 29-4-15, participated in Immunology World Day celebration in GLA University,
Department of Biotechnology and delivered a lecture on “BCG and Tregs” and acted as one
of the judges for evaluation of posters hanged by students for award.
10. On 29-4-16, participated in Immunology World Day celebration in GLA University,
Department of Biotechnology and delivered a lecture on “Understanding Vaccines against
infectious diseases: an overview” and acted as one of the judges for evaluation of oral
presentations and posters hanged by students for award.
Awards/ Honours: (a). In recognition of my contributions towards Immunology, the award
“Fellow of Society for Immunology and Immunopathologyn (FSIIP)” was conferred upon me
in February, 2007 (b). In recognition of my contributions towards serological detection of
leprosy, the ICMR award “JALMA Trust Oration award” 2006 was awarded to me in 2009.
(c). Photon publishers awarded “Thomas Edison Award-2014” in the domain of Diabetes and
Health for Inspiration and Knowledge Distribution among young research scholars.
Foreign visits: Have visited: (i) United Kingdom in 1991 (participated in Workshop), (ii) the
Netherlands in 1996 (for research Training), (iii) U.S.A. in 2001 (for Training related to flow
cytometry). & (iv) Singapore in 2002 (participated in conference).
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