Dr. Anil Kumar (Scientist F)

Biostatistics and Epidemiology.

Dr. Keshar Kunja Mohanty (Scientist F)

Immunology, Infectious diseases (Leprosy , Tuberculosis, HIV), Immunogenetics, Pattern Recognition Receptors, Anti mycobacterial immune responses.

(91)-(562)-2331755 [email protected]
Dr. Devendra Singh Chauhan (Scientist E)

Molecular epidemiology of mycobacterial infections, genomics, Tuberculosis and Leprosy.

(0562) 2331751-54 [email protected]
Dr. Deepa Bisht (Scientist E)

Mycobacterial Proteomics & Drug Delivery Systems.

Dr. Raj Kamal (Scientist E Medical)

Leprosy & TB (Speciality in Paediatric leprosy and TB).

Dr. Dharmendra Singh (Scientist E)

Tuberculosis and Leprosy.

Dr. Mamta Arora (Scientist D Medical)

Leprosy, Clinical Trial and Disability -Early Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment, Drug resistance.

Dr. Virendra Kumar Sharma (Scientist D)

Electron Microscopic study of Tuberculosis & Leprosy Patients.

Dr. Avi Kumar Bansal (Scientist D Medical)

Epidemiology, Leprosy & TB.

Dr. Ajay Vir Singh (Scientist D)

Mycobacterial infections, Diagnostics development, Molecular epidemiology, Zoonosis.

Dr. Amit Kumar Singh (Scientist C)

Animal Model of tuberculosis, immunology and drug delivery system.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Gupta (Scientist C)

Tuberculosis & Leprosy- Drug discovery, dormancy.

Dr. Partha Sarathi Mohanty (Scientist C)

Mycobacterial Diseases specially on Leprosy genomics, Epidemiology, Tuberculosis genomics, Non tuberculosis mycobacteria.

Dr. Bhawna Sharma (Scientist C)

Immunology of infectious mycobacterial diseases (Tuberculosis and Leprosy).

Dr. Madan Kumar Murthy (Scientist C)

Immunology of infectious diseases, TB diagnostics and vaccine research.

Dr. Haribhan Singh (Scientist C)

Department of Epidemiology.

Dr.Virendra Singh Yadav (Scientist C)

Leprosy, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Harish Kumar Sagar (Scientist B Medical)

Clinical Leprosy, Tuberculosis, HIV.

Dr. Harpreet Singh Pawar (Scientist B Medical)

Clinical Medicine, Translational Health Research.

Dr. Sandeep Sharma (Scientist B Medical)

Local Incharge of the MRHRU Ghatampur unit under NJIL&OMD. OPD services to the TB, Leprosy, Filariasis & general ailments. Responsible for all the scientific project related activities and administrative work at MRHRU.

Dr. Vimal Kumar (Scientist B)

Animal Experiments and Immunological for Leprosy, Tuberculosis as well as for BSL-4 agents (especially virus) posing high risk to community.

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